Leo Club of SMK Pusat Bandar Puchong 1

Rules for District 308 B2

 Leos and Leo Clubs

Because our Leo program is publicly accountable and is a leading youth development program of
Lions Clubs International, the world’s largest service club organization, the following rules are
necessary to ensure that our Leos observe the highest quality and standards. When Leos
observe these rules, their parents, their schools and members of the public will acknowledge the
excellence of this program and will ensure their continuing support of the Leo activities.

1. Attire & Grooming
a. A Leo must wear his/her vest, club’s t-shirt or designated proper attire
during any Leo or Lions function or project.
b. A Leo must be properly groomed at all times. This includes keeping the
hair tidy, clothing neat, and using accessories in a proper manner.

2. Conduct
a. A Leo must conduct himself/herself in orderly behavior at all times.
b. A Leo must observe proper and correct Lions protocol and decorum at
all times.

3. Parental Permission
a. A Leo under the age of 18 must get his/her parent’s permission to
attend any Lions or Leo function or project.

4. Carrying out Projects
a. In carrying out any projects, a Leo must follow the Leo Club
Constitution and Bylaws Article IV at all times.
b. All projects (including those jointly organized with other societies, other
non-governmental bodies, or commercial partners) must get the School
Principal’s and sponsoring Lions Club President’s prior approval.
c. At the end of each project, all financial accounts and documents must
be properly filed.
d. An Alpha Leo Club is not encouraged to organize any fundraising
activity outside the school, unless with the agreement of the School